We provide electrical services for new construction and remodeling.Here is a small sample of the electrical areas we specialize in:

  • Small commercial and industrial work new construction and remodeling
  • Tenant and office buildouts new or renovations
  • Electrical panel upgrades commercial and residential
  • Lightning protection and surge protection
  • Landscape and security lighting commercial, residential and industrial
  • Custom homes

Craig Electric, Inc. is also proud to be the distributor for the following proven products:

Stedi-Power Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor/Arrester (Stedi-Power TVSS)

This product eliminates the side effects of the inherent efficiency of an electric motor, drawing excessive amounts of electricity under the right conditions. It also eliminates the KVAR not doing productive work that is non-productive energy that creates damaging heat, vibration and noise. In doing this, the Stedi-Power TVSS will reduce costs, provide savings in electrical consumption, provide full facility surge and lightning protection, and double the life of the electric equipment. 


  • Protects against lightning, electrical spikes and surges
  • Reduces maintenance cost on electric motors by 50% and electronic motors by 70%
  • Doubles the life of any new electronic equipment
  • 7% - 9% kilowatt savings
  • $1,000,000 connected equipment guarantee
  • 15-year system warranty
  • Increased operating efficiency

Cutt-A-Watt Energy Conservation System

This is a consumption reduction system and works best when used in conjunction with the Stedi-Power TVSS.


  • 17% - 19% in kilowatt savings when used in conjunction with the Stedi-Power TVSS System
  • Energy savings
  • No maintenance required
  • Works 24 hours a day (for a lifetime)
  • Conservation of energy for your household or office
  • 100% guaranteed



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